Hygge Challenge

Hygge is a Danish word that’s become really popular over the last year or so. It’s a tricky one to translate but really means that cosy, homely, in the moment feeling you get when you’ve got a day off and can snuggle on the sofa with a pet and a cup of tea or when you have a small candlelit dinner party. I wonder if it’s become so popular because Hygge just doesn’t involve social media or IPhones…It’s the antidote to our detached, online, frantic society and now all a bit exhausted with over a decade of it, we’re all beginning to crave some of that Hygge intimacy. At least I am!

Although you can get Hygge any time of the year, I feel like it’s the dark evenings and cold mornings of Autummn and Winter that need the most help and so I’ve decided to inject some Hygge into my life weekly. #hyggechallenge is a hashtag to motivate me (and hopefully you too!) to create some of the cosiness into my life. My aim is to make Sunday my main Hygge day, but extra cookies for those who make the whole week Hygge-y!

Here’s some of my Hygge ideas and plans for the coming months;

Hygge how to ideas hygge cosy living


Over 20 Ways to Add Hygge to your Life:

  • Lighting
  • Sewing or Knitting Something
  • No Phone Evening
  • Weekly Bake
  • Menu Planning
  • Gratitude Moments
  • Cosy Casual Dinner Parties
  • Celebrating Traditions
  • Listening to More Music
  • Perfecting Hot Chocolate
  • Beach Trips in all Weathers!
  • Watching the Ballet
  • Making Chutneys and Preserves
  • Eating Seasonally
  • Create a Hyggekrog-this is a Danish cosy “nook”
  • More Flowers in the House
  • Lighting the Fire
  • Candles
  • Cinema Trips
  • Daily Walk-Keeping in the Moment
  • Making the House Winter Ready
  • Books
  • TV Night with Popcorn
  • Starting a Bullet Journal
  • Drink New Teas
  • Artisan Chocolate
  • Warm Socks
  • Write a Letter
  • Bonfire
  • Discover Hygge places in the Neighbourhood
  • Make Decorations for Christmas

Hygge Challenge:How to get involved!

“Hygge involves comfort, cosiness, a sense of wellbeing, and a relaxed frame

of mind” Judith Friedman Hansen

To celebrate the start of the new season I have decided to have a challenge based around Hygge. The idea of this was to banish any sadness at saying goodbye to summer for another year, and to focus on making life as cosy and homely as possible. This could be by just adding some twinkly, fairy lights to your sitting room or by finally getting around to reading that book!

Every couple of days, until the end of December, I will have a new Instagram post or blog post around the subject of Hygge-think recipes, ideas, tutorials, diys and inspiration!

“To Hygge is to create an enclosing circle of warmth. The primal comfort of an open fire and good company on a dark night are the epitome of Hygge. A cluster of people sitting beneath the encircling glow of a pendant lamp hung low over a table is a common sight in Denmark-the light seems to hold everyone together, to define them as a unit.” Louisa Thomsen Brits-The Book of Hygge

I’d love for you to join in with the Hygge Challenge! Simply tag #hyggechallenge in any social media so I can check out and re-gram your Hygge moments!

“Hygge affords us places to catch our breath and feel the richness of life.” Louisa Thomsen Brits-The Book of Hygge

Hygge Challenge: Win a copy of The Little Book of Hygge!

To kick start our Hygge Challenge I want to give away a copy of this great little book full of ideas on how to achieve Hygge Happiness at home. To win just leave a comment below telling me what you love best about Autumn or Winter and sign up for my newsletter and make sure you include the same name you signed up for the newsletter with! (European residents only). Giveaway ends November 20th 2016.