With the thermal mass of the land and the sea at its warmest now there are many days of mellow summer ahead. The undeniable effect of the sun on our lives makes it a great theme for crafting with children. We enjoy making golden paper suns and hanging them around the house as well as making a beautiful gleaming metallic spiral to hang over the kitchen table. Ive also seen embroidery loops or twig circles wound with yarn to create colourful gold eyes and these also look wonderful hung up in the home. 

Corn dolls are a very seasonal craft to make at the later weeks of summer as the crops of wheat, barley and corn begin to be harvested. There are so many versions you could try, the simplest being a plaited heart and the more intricate being a doll, like the name suggests these can also be made with corn husks but dried grass works in a pinch too.Other crafts we love at summer time are making butterfly masks, dandelion or daisy crowns,  sundials, making giant bubbles in the garden, building little boats from natural materials to sail fown the stream, beach mandalas,  making dens from twigs or even just some cloth to make a basic tent, foraging especially for berries and making natural perfumes with flower petals