If your looking to get inspired to live a healthier, happier life then let me introduce you to the amazing Madeleine Shaw…

Ever since stumbling across Madeleine’s website a few years ago, I have been a keen reader and have been following her blog with interest. She has an infectious attitude to healthy living that’s definitely worth subscribing to!

Interview with Madeleine Shaw-Eat Clean, Think Clean.

Within a short space of time Madeleine Shaw has launched a fantastic YouTube channel (check out her awesome follow-a-long yoga videos), written a top rated healthy living book and has re-launched a very beautiful looking website.

I was lucky enough to catch up with her to get her top tips and tricks on living a healthier life!



Q.Hi Madeleine Shaw! Congrats on the beautiful book! What was your favourite section to write and look back on?

The “Eat clean, Think Clean” chapter. I really wanted to get people realising it’s about self love not just quinoa.


Q.You began your healing journey with food due to stomach issues-what has been the most healing elimination and addition to your diet?

Elimination - sugar

Healing - fats 

I thought fat was bad for you and when I started to eat it I felt so much better.


 Q.You’re a regular yoga practitioner and now a yoga instructor too! What attracted you to yoga in the start?

I love the way it feels. I was never sporty at school and I’m not competitive so yoga is great for me I love being on my mat and seeing my strength improve.


Q.What’s been your biggest Aha! moment on your wellness journey?

That stress really causes issues. Whenever I’m stressed my digestion plays up and when I take time for me it calms down. It’s a recurrent ‘aha!’ moment where I need to relax. 


 Q.What are your top 3 store-cupboard/fridge essentials?


Coconut oil 

Almond butter 


Q.The supplements & superfoods out there are pretty overwhelming, there’s always a new must-have! In you opinion what are the daily supplements & superfoods that make the difference and that you take yourself?

Turmeric tea - turmeric powder in warm water - a powerful antioxidant, anti inflammatory that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Then Probiotics and a fish oil.


Q.What are your daily non-negotiables?

Have time for yoga


Eat three proper meals

Drink min 2 litres of water


Q.What podcasts and apps do you love?

Head space

Class pass

Green kitchen stories 

Snap chat (Username: madeleine_shaw)



Q.For those looking to get on the wellness path what books would you recommend?

Mine 😉 (Check out: Get the Glow by Madeleine Shaw)

Nourishing Traditions

I love the Bodyism books by James Duigan

And Chris Kresser’s book.


Q.What’s your current favourite meal/recipe?

 My slow roast lamb shank recipe from the book! It’s the dream. 

Website: www.madeleineshaw.com