With the trees in full leaf it’s a perfect time of year to play this game with children or adults. This game is called Meeting a Tree.

To play you’ll need a blindfold and at least two people. Meeting a Tree is a great game to play to activate the sense of touch and explore the subtle details of different trees and to test our sense awareness as well. You can adapt this game for all ages but here are the basic rules. In a pair, pop on a blindfold onto one person, if you are the only adult here, I would blindfold the child as it keeps the activity safer. Once one person is blindfolded the other person carefully guides the blindfolded person to a tree. Let the blindfolded person explore the tree with their hands, feeling the circumference of the trunk, the bark texture, the size and number of branches and leaves within reach. Once the person has thoroughly explored the tree you can lead them back to the starting point and unblindfold them. Then see if they can find that tree again using all their senses. This is such a simple but fun game that will tune up the senses and allow us to spend time with the gorgeous trees that grow in our locality.