I came across Sarah Britton’s blog, My New Roots, on the hunt for a raw chocolate recipe. The moment I landed on her site it was true love.

All her recipes are created with so much thought, care and love and they always turn out beautifully! When I heard that Sarah had written a cookbook I was so excited to get my hands on a copy…

My New Roots is a dairy, gluten and refined sugar free cookbook. Her ethos is all about natural ingredients, nutritious meals and most of all, lots of flavour.

What really makes the difference with Sarah’s cooking is her training. She has worked in restaurants in Denmark and really learnt her skills through trial and error. I’ve tried a lot of “healthy” recipes but Sarah’s really do stand out as being some of the best. 

My New Roots Cookbook Review The Book

The My New Roots cookbook is a substantial hardcover tome to healthy eating. Divided into seasons and with an introduction to essential techniques and stocking the pantry, it really does cover want you need to know about healthy cooking.

There’s a good balance of recipes in the book, from breakfast through to lunch, dinner and puddings.

Each recipe is really unique-no rehashing of obvious trendy combos- but fresh, interesting combinations with a well-written intro and bite sized nutrition facts included. The quantities and instructions are easy to follow too. For those who know Sarah’s blog, the accompanying photos were obviously going to be gorgeous and inspirational.


My New Roots Cookbook Review The Recipes:

Hits (aka Favourites):

Life Changing Loaf

Basic Nut Milk Recipe

Raw Chocolate Olive Oil Sauce

Ginger Rosemary Roasted Grapefruit

Chunky Monkey Icecream


Raw Blondies

My New Roots Cookbook Review Conclusion

A beautiful book and possibly one of the best ones out there in it’s genre of Healthy eating and dairy/gluten free. Inspiring recipes and wonderful writing. Some of the ingredients are a bit hard to find and can become a bit costly. Accompanying blog is full of extras. Original recipes make it a must have.  4/5 Stars

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