Here in county Antrim the leaves are turning shades of crisp gold, amber and mahogany and the nights are creeping in ever nearer.

Although the garden in tinged with brown and is beginning to become sleepy and tired there’s a whole new batch of produce coming into fruition.

There’s red and white cabbages, brussel spouts, celeriac, beetroot, celery, chicory, Jerusalem artichokes, kale, parsnips, pumpkins, squash, swedes, turnips to name some. (Check out my free seasonal eat sheet for more).

October is definitely apple time! The trees are laden with gorgeous varieties of apples, making it the perfect time to make a few apple pies and crumbles! Pears are also in season alongside quince, medlers and raspberries.


The list of in season game grows with the addition of pheasant and wild goose.

October is also the time to try your hand at mushroom hunting! You’ll need to go with a pro though as there are plenty of unfriendly mushrooms you wont want to eat! If your lucky you might find some chestnuts too!

Rosehips, rowanberries, sloes, juniper berries, crab apples, elderberries are all ripe and ready this month too.

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Ideas for Seasonal Living-October:

-Embrace the masses of pumpkins and squashes available and try your hand at delicious soups, pies and stews.

-As the evenings draw in why not get crafty and knit something? I’m currently working on a bobble hat from Katherine Poulton’s knitting book!

-Clean out your wardrobe with my Slow Style Workshop!

-Give your home a Autumnal makeover with cosy throws, textural cushions and beautiful candles.

-Just because the flowers are gone, doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to pretty flower arrangements in the house-get creative and use seed heads, twigs and berries instead. I love Willow Crossley’s book Inspire for getting ideas going.

For more details on what’s in season please download my free seasonal eat sheet here.

slow lifestyle gardening seasonal food october autumn turnips