Superfood Tahini Fudge Recipe

I always have homemade sweet treats in my kitchen. I have an insatiable sweet tooth unfortunately and the only way I can make sure I don’t have a chocolate binge is to make my own slightly healthier alternatives. This tahini fudge (also known as Halva-a traditional middle eastern sweet) is a great sophisticated alternative to the sugar filled version although a tad more bitter and very filling. One piece with a cup of coffee is utter bliss. It really reminds me of Sesame Snaps (anyone else always have one in their school lunch box?).

Tahini has the bonus of being full of good things too. Full of protein, iron, vitamins B and E, a great dose of calcium and rich in minerals too. I can promise you wont find that in standard fudge! You can add what you like to the fudge-frozen berries work well (this fudge lives in the freezer so the berries will stay cold), gojis, pomegranate seeds or go for a more traditional version with pistachios. I’m making a batch of this right now ready for snacking when baby arrives!

Here’s my recipe, it’s incredibly easy and quick:


Superfood Tahini Fudge:

3 tbsp coconut oil at room temp

1tsp vanilla extract

340g tahini

pinch salt

4 tbsp honey (or to taste)

Handful of berries/or dates, nuts whatever you like. (My favourite is chopped dates and pistachios!)

In a food processor add the coconut oil, vanilla, tahini, salt and honey. Blitz until smooth. (PS: If you’re craving a bit of kitchen therapy you can melt the coconut oil gently in a pan and stir in the ingredients instead.)  Stir in the berries. Pour into a lined brownie tin. Place in the freezer until set. Chop into bite size pieces. Keep in the freezer or fridge.