When I was living in the city, burnt out with hashimotos and disconnected from the seasons little did I know what was in my future. Within a few years I had made a huge jump and relocated to a life in the beautiful countryside and had a chance to re-educate myself about natural, seasonal living. As a result of detoxing my home, body and mind and nourishing myself with homemade herbal remedies, tonics, natural skincare and making sure I only use the best diy cleaners and scents in my home I’ve never felt better or happier.

Nature has all the answers!

The Natural Living eCourse is a cumulation of everything I’ve learnt over the last 5 years, from how to re-connect to nature to basic herbalism.

I’ve purchased many courses, books and tested so many recipes but simplified and condensed this all into one course. This really is the ultimate guide to re-connecting and adding nature back into your day through recipes, remedies and skincare. The Natural Living eCourse will help you live a more connected, natural and nourished way of life.

This beautiful course holds all the secrets to living a more natural, in tune life, connected with nature. In five jam-packed modules you’ll uncover how to re-connect to nature and create all your own natural products so that you can ditch the toxic shop bought products for safer, natural options.


Module One: Reconnecting to Nature: The course begins with some re-connecting projects including a seasonal treasure hunt, diy herbal tea garden and seasonal journal.

We then begin to explore the amazing world of plants in Module Two: Together we’ll look at the art of blending herbal teas and mastering the basics of herbalism with healthy recipes to make the most of all the goodness of plants.

In Module Three you’ll begin to understand how to use essential oils and natural ingredients to make your own seasonal skincare, lips balms and natural hair and makeup recipes.

Moving onto the home in Module Four we’ll detox our spaces by blending luxurious home scents, making our own cleaning products and reducing plastic in our kitchens and bathrooms.

Finally we’ll learn how to approach family first aid more naturally and create natural remedies and tinctures in Module Five.

This is the ultimate course for anyone looking for a complete guide on living naturally and mastering skills that will enable them to brew, blend, stir up gorgeous natural products at home and also start re-engaging with nature day to day.

COURSE CONTENT IS RELEASED ON THE 4th JUNE 2018 but enrolment is open now with Early Bird Pricing Available Now!