Our Ulster Fry and Gluten Free Potato Farl Recipe.

The full Irish breakfast causes much debate here in Ireland. This was confirmed this morning as my husband and I had an argument over the way one should cook mushrooms correctly-I believe the authentic way is to slice them, while he is a firm believer in keeping a flat cap mushroom whole (I’m suspicious that this is just to use it as a vehicle for butter for which he is rightly excused).

The one thing we both agree with on the subject of our local Ulster Fry is the presence of potato farls, a simple flour and potato patty that is fried until golden and the perfect sponge for a soft egg yolk, and buttery juices.

Bacon is another must in my books-we get ours from our nearby deli, cut very thin for maximum crispiness-it’s no rasher I’m afraid but incredibly delicious this way! Tomatoes are a plus if there’re in season.

I find the addition of black and white pudding sometimes a bit overwhelming, but certainly would happily swap out the bacon for a really great homemade version.


Gluten Free Potato Farl Recipe-For an Ulster Fry

This is a non-recipe really as it’s so basic so don’t be put off the thought of making your own farls. These are miles better than any plastic-y shop bought version. I cook the potatoes the night before to keep my morning a jot more peaceful.


4 potatoes peeling and quartered

1 tbsp good butter

30g gluten free flour (I like doves brand)




-Boil the potatoes in salted water until cooked. Drain well. Let any water evaporate off for a bit then mash with 1 tbsp of butter and a pinch of salt.

-Add 30g of flour to the warm mash and mix well.

-When ready to cook flour a surface and a rolling pin.

-Roll out a round patty of potato around a quarter of an inch thick.

-Heat a frying pan with a sprinkle of flour. Cook 4 mins each side.

-Team with your version of an Ulster Fry.

I’d love to know what your local breakfast specialty is? Let me know in the comments below!