Tucked away in my overcrowded kitchen cupboards are some ingredients that I have used once or twice and then there’s the ones I simply cannot live without.

In today’s post and video I’m going to share what my healthy kitchen cupboard essentials are-the ingredients I cant live without. These are the ones that make daily cooking a breeze and also keep my body healthy!

My Healthy Kitchen Cupboard & Grocery Essentials:

Fruits & Veg:

Lemons- I use lemons constantly! The juice and zest in salads, baking and general cooking, a slice to brighten up some warm water. Or chucked in the juicer for a vitamin packed drink. Shopping Tip: I try and buy unwaxed organic lemons where possible. Oh and I also freeze slices for Gin & Tonics!!


Ginger Root- Ginger is amazing. It’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial, abti spasmodic and circulatory stimulant to name a few. My all time favourite along with…


Tumeric Root- Another all time love! This is really anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal and basically is the answer when you’re feeling cold-y and crap. Shopping Tip: Store any excess root in the freezer.


Avocado-Tastes creamy and a beautiful base for flavours. Full of nutrients and great on some toast, added to a salad or blended into smoothies. They also balance hormones.


Dried Dates- A natural sugar fix. I love the really big, squishy ones that taste like caramel! Yum! I keep a jar full.


Garlic- Another miracle cure! I add garlic to dressings, to roast veg and in most savory dishes. If I’m feeling sick I will juice one clove with an apple and drink it in one (tastes vile but works so well!)


Seeds, Grains & Nuts:


Quinoa- A bitter tasting alternative to pasta-contains tons of protein. I always rinse mine well before cooking. I often have this for lunch with a sprinkling of lemon juice, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds and chopped avocado.


Lentils- Full of proten and an essential for stews and soups!


Cashews- I love cashews in savory salads, but good for baking too!


Hazelnuts (or any nuts)-once a week I buy a small bag of nuts to use in baking or alternatively to transform into nut milk (so easy I promise!).


Ground almonds- My favourite cakes use almond flour instead of wheat flour. This makes for a dense, delicious texture and rich taste! Bonus points for making cakes gluten free too!


Chickpeas-Such a fab staple! Amazing in stews, salads and of course, in hummus! Shopping Tip: Buy dried and soak overnight-much cheaper!


Oats- Low in gluten and high in fibre, oats are king at filling you up-porridge is the only breakfast to keep me full until lunch! I also whizz oats up and use them as flour too!


Spelt Flour-Less gluten than standard flour making it a clear choice for making my weekly loaf.


Chia Seeds-full of protein and nutrients this cool little seed expands in water to create a gloopy pudding like texture-great in bread, puddings, cakes.



Maple Syrup-I love the wintery taste of maple syrup and that it’s a more natural alternative to refined sugar. Shopping Tip: Make sure you read the label to get 100% pure maple syrup! No sneaky flavourings or additives please!


Coconut Oil- I got excited by coconut about 4 years ago when I began to read healthy blogs (Melissa Ambrosini and Madeleine Shaw I think were some of the first blogs that really transformed my thinking around food!). I love the flavour of coconut oil and that it’s nourishing to the thyroid (key in how I eat!). I also use this pure oil as a makeup remover and as my face moisturizer daily. Shopping Tip: I always buy organic, cold pressed coconut oil


Extra Virgin Olive Oil-So good for the skin, full of healthy fats and tastes delicious. A key component in making dressings. I love olive oil!


Butter- I don’t hold back here! I eat butter daily-on toast with my poached egg, and in baking and cooking. It’s full of healthy fat that the body needs to run properly.


Olives- I often crave a salty snack and olives are the perfect option. They are high in antioxidants. I missed these out in the video but these are definitely a staple in our kitchen! Shopping Tip: I love to buy these from the farmers market, tinned and jarred ones are rarely as nice!


Eggs- These are pretty much a complete meal. I now have an egg for breakfast most days and I can tell you the difference it has made to my nails is crazy! I think it must be the protein but they really nourish the body! Shopping Tip: We have our own hens which produce delicious eggs-alternatively go for the best free-range eggs you can find.