Today I took down the Christmas tree. (Read spending an hour on my hands and knees trying to brush up all the pine needles that had shed-there was a bucket of them!). Afterwards the gap left by its absence was a sad one, no more twinkly lights to brighten up and add a kitsch cheer to the dark afternoons and no more vibrant green foliage. Determined not to be defeated by the disappearance of the Christmas tree combined with January’s gloominess, I decided to pull out Willow Crossley’s Inspire book and do a review here on the blog.

Inspire, The Art of Living With Nature by Willow Crossley, Review

Inspire is the antidote to that Christmas tree gap (see above!). Bursting with the most divine floral, fauna and beach projects, it is the perfect way to get the creative juices going and start planning a fresh winter interior that doesn’t rely on tinsel and baubles.  I’ve included a few pages here that I particularly love, including this one of dried allium heads used as a garland across a mantle place…Stunning and so unexpected! I also adore her inside planted bulbs that will provide you with an early display of snowdrops or crocuses.

willow-crossley-inspire-review-flower-arranging-ideas-interiors-countryside willow-crossley-inspire-review-flower-arranging-ideas-interiors-countryside-2 willow-crossley-inspire-review-flower-arranging-ideas-interiors-countryside-xmasWillow’s projects are all about bringing the outside in, making this book ideal for country dwellers. Her projects are very aesthetic, which is quite rare to find, and so it came as no surprise when I read that she works as a event florist for top brands such as Mulberry and Jo Malone.This book is a firm favourite of mine and just gorgeous to dip into when I need some ideas or just to look at some lovely images.

Willow’s Cotswold Home-Interior Inspiration File:

I also came across these beautiful images of florist and author Willow Crossley’s  home on a few blogs and websites across the internet recently. They sparked some inspiration for me-the mix of country cotswold charm and modern traveller gives her home a fresh look but retains the traditional cosy appearance I love so much.

Right Image:Apart from the awesome teal Aga, I love the practicality of this living and kitchen space combined with the balance of colours and textures. The Sanderson Swallow wallpaper adds a whimsical touch to the kitchen while creamy tones of Farrow & Ball paint allow for the textures of the living space to take centre stage.  A sweet and easy to replicate home space.

Centre Image:I’m equally enamoured with this living room. What I like so much is the realness of the space; it’s comfortable, practical but still visually engaging.

Left Image: This hallway is pretty perfect in my eyes! A battered up rug, lime washed hall table, line of straw shopping baskets just waiting to be taken to the local market…I’m also a huge hydrangea fan, so a huge vase of dried blue hydrangeas is my sort of heaven! I also love the combo of the creamy, slightly green wall paint with the yellowy white mirror framewillow-crossley-interior-country-cotswold-interior-sanderson-swallows-