There’s something a little bit magical about cut glass. It catches the light in the most captivating way, each pattern throwing out a kaleidoscope of enchanting shadows.

It reminds me of being a child and watching the grown ups nurse similar glasses full of forbidden amber liquor.

Now being all grown-up myself it seems the height of sophistication to own a similar set. And even better, to drink warming whiskey cocktails out of them with friends and family during the dark, chilly winter evenings.

These Waterford Crystal Mixology Tumblers are so dreamy. From the perfect shape in the form of a curvy Old-Fashioned glass to the utterly desirable weight that sings of luxury and sits plumply between your palms. My favourite detail which really elevates these beyond the norm is that each glass has a unique decoration-hypnotising swirls, scalloped snowflakes, smooth thumb-sized hollows and orderly, tapered quills. (To win your own set keep reading!)


I have been happily absorbed in playing with my beautiful set of Waterford Crystal tumblers and whiling away the evening playing the mixologist at our drinks cabinet with our well thumbed and note filled copy of Difford’s. Perfect for the easily bored, each tumbler inspires a new cocktail; the swirls something smooth and creamy, the smooth, curved hollows a peppery whisky mix and the quills a modern fruit combination.

In celebration of the bitterly cold nights I am sharing an oldie that will heat you up and accompany a snug log fire and old black and white movie perfectly. The Whisky Mac is sublimely easy and reassuringly traditional containing whisky and the wonderful Enid Blyton sounding Stone’s Green Ginger Wine.


To Make A Whisky Mac:

-In an Old Fashioned style glass pour 2 shots of whiskey over a glass full of ice followed with 1 shot of ginger wine.

If you’d like to read more about Waterford Crystal and their luxury lifestyle blog then click here.

TO WIN A SET of Waterford Crystal Mixology Tumblers just comment below saying what your favourite cocktail is and your name and email address. (UK and Ireland residents only. Winner will be picked on 30th January 2016) WINNER CHOSEN!

Thanks to Waterford Crystal for the opportunity to collaborate on this post and giveaway.