My Natural Skincare Routine

I’ve always been a skincare and beauty junkie. My first forays into serious skincare was through the Lush Times catalogue, which I would read cover to cover as a child and learn all the ingredients off by heart. It proved a good education as I can still remember which oils calm irritated skin and which scents calm a broken heart.

Going natural however came later when I started getting really interested in nutrition and wanted this to reflect in my bathroom cabinet too. Staring at shelves upon shelves of complicated products, none of which seemed to really work, I decided to try out a minimal and natural approach.

The first edit I made was a very simple one-I swapped all my cleansers for coconut oil. This was a revelation! And yes I know a few of you will yawn and say “Not coconut oil again!” But it does work a charm! Coconut oil proved to be far gentler around sensitive eyes plus it did an excellent job at removing stubborn mascara and lipstick. Fast-forward a couple of years and I still use coconut oil all over my face as a cleanser and remove it with a warm flannel.


Next up I began formulating simple facial oils to replace my mounds of complicated facial creams. I began by using branded rosehip oil but soon realized I could make my own bespoke version far more effectively and cheaply. My skin responded so well to my own facial oil mix that again I haven’t looked back since.

I ditched store bought body creams yonks ago too once I realized how brilliant coconut oil was for pretty much everything. I still lather it all over after a shower. If I’m feeling extra treaty I will do it the Ayurvedic way and give myself an all over body massage with an oil (gently warmed) and then jump into the shower. This kept all stretch marks away during my pregnancy (pretty impressive as I’m actually prone to them!). I still need to replace my St.Tropez gradual tan, which I use occasionally when I look ghostly, for a natural option.

My hair has also seen the benefits of a more natural approach. It really began when my sister (who works for a very swanky magazine and so has access to all sorts of hair gurus) got praised for the amazing turn around in her hair condition after a few too many bleach jobs. All she had done was use coconut oil as a mask prior to washing it. I, who at the time was suffering with very frizzy hair, gave it a go too and soon was also being praised by my hairdresser for great hair (Usually I’d get told off for letting it get so dry). But the best result was that I no longer got really frizzy hair the moment it was humid outside. This stuff works!!

I’ve progressed on with my natural haircare with the addition of a homemade hair serum. This is miles better than those very pricey serums that claim to be natural but are actually full of silicones. It really keeps hair looking silky and feeling soft. Bonus is that my serum smells of roses…Heaven!

While I continue to concoct natural skincare products I’m now also focusing on de-toxing my makeup bag. This has improved my skin condition massively so I will pop up some more posts about that too as well as reviews of the best products I’ve sourced so far.

Here are my two most used and loved natural skincare recipes. They are very simple but also very effective and easy to make with a few good ingredients. Enjoy! x

Natural Skincare Recipes

Bespoke Facial Oil-50ml

This can be as simple or as complicated as you fancy but a good starting point is using a carrier oil for the majority of the blend (usually 35ml) and then about 15ml of active oil such as tamanu oil. Then add a few drops of essential oil to suit your skin type. I personally love a blend of jojoba (carrier), tamanu (active) and frankincense essential oil (4 drops).

Rose Hair Serum-50ml

This is similar to the bespoke facial oil except the majority of the blend (30ml)is wonderful Argan oil. Then I top up with a suitable carrier oil (jojoba is a good one). I also add in 2 drops of Rose essential oil as it smells so romantic!