Spring Seasonal Skincare

In this post I’;ll be sharing my ideas and recipes for natural Spring skincare. Personally I love to change up my skincare at the change of each season. The adjustments in day length, warmth, as well as central heating all play an enormous role in how our skin behaves and as a result we need different things from our cleansers, scrubs, body creams and facial oils come each new season. 

Perhaps your skin is feeling a bit dull, showing signs of ageing or very congested? Well, you can adapt your  homemade skincare recipes to any these concerns! I also take into account my emotions and reflect this in the aromatherapy side of my natural skincare routine. For example, Spring for me is going to be a very transitional time. I’ll be birthing my second baby in Spring this year and will need both skin and emotional support in nourishing, uplifting and grounding ingredients and essential oils. All this is be taken into account when making my Spring skincare products.

If making your own natural skincare sounds a bit overwhelming then don’t worry, you can even just make a Spring body scrub that will soften and revitalise your skin but will only take 5 minutes to make. 

In general Spring is a time where our skin can be a bit dull, imbalanced and congested after a long winter of lesser activity, heavier diet and lack of sun. If you are naturally dry you might find your skin a bit more rough than usual and if you err on the side of oily you could find your skin breaking out more often due to winters excesses. 

So either way Spring is the perfect time to give your skin a deep cleanse and detox ready to absorb some lovely fresh spring sunlight! 

Now before I jump into sharing some of these natural skincare recipes for Spring I just want to say a little disclaimer, make sure you patch test all these ingredients before using them all over. While all these ingredients are natural and gentle You never know what your skin likes so do test them first. 

Making Clay Facial Masks

One of My favourite ways of giving my skin a really good cleanse and detox is with a simple homemade clay mask. Clay is a wonderful ingredient at absorbing toxins, drawing out impurities, removing dead cells and stimulating circulation. 

Clay comes in different varieties each with a different ratio of minerals and effects. These include White Kaolin, which is the most gentle of all the clays and perfect for those with drier and more sensitive skin. Next up is rose clay, which as the name suggests has a pinky hue due to it’s mineral content. Rose clay is good for normal to fragile skin and is high in iron oxides. Then there’s French green clay, which is a lovely for oiler and acne prone skin. It’s excellent at deeply drawing out toxins and dirt from the skin and contains a wide range of beneficial minerals. 

You can buy powdered clay online, if your in the UK or Ireland Baldwins, aromantic.co.uk and naturally thinking are all great resources. 

The clay comes powdered and pure, you can spice it up with other ingredients or essential oils but here is a simple recipe to ensure your face gets a gentle but effective cleanse and detox. 

So, To make a simple clay mask for your face take 1 tbsp of your clay powder of choice (so that would be white, rose or green depending on your skin type) and place this tbsp of clay powder into a small container and then add up to 2 tsp of water to create a thick but spreadable paste. Apply to a wet face and leave on until almost dry. Remove the clay mask with a warm, damp flannel.

I have a recipe for a slightly more complicated but really wonderful Spring nettle detox Mask on my blog if you’d like to make something a little more exciting but this simple version is still lovely and incredibly effective. 

Link to the Spring Clay Face Mask

DIY Natural Facial Oil for Spring

Next up on my spring skincare to make list is a facial oil. Making a facial oil or elixir is incredibly simple but also really fun and creative. 

A facial oil is a blend of vegetable, seed or herbal oils with essential oils that support your skin. Facial oils do an array of things for our skin amongst them improving tone and hydration, protecting the skin barrier, slowing ageing and balancing our skin. To use a facial oil, cleanse the skin and tone as usual then warm a couple of drops of skin oil between your palms and apply over the face. for drier skins use a moisturiser on top for better hydration.  

To make a facial oil for spring I like to use a blend of jojoba and evening primrose oil. Evening primrose oil is excellent for dull, ageing, dry skin that needs revitalising. The perfect oil for post winter skin! 

Jojoba is an all round excellent oil for all skin types and is known to help unclog pores and is a gentle anti-inflammatory too! 

Among these two core oils I would also add a few essential oils for added support and therapeutic benefits. Taking into account the new season I’d err towards Frankincense and Lavender as two nourishing and balancing essential oils perfect for this time of year.

Frankincense is very repairing and rejuvenating while lavender is a gentle balancer and all round skin conditioner. 

To make the Spring facial oil simply pour 27ml of jojoba into a glass dropper bottle along with 3ml of Evening Primrose Oil. Then add in 5 drops of frankincense essential oil and 5 drops of lavender essential oil. Mix gently. 

Now that we’ve deeply cleansed, detoxed and balanced our faces let’s move onto spring body-care. Once again like our face our body can also suffer at the hand of winter. Dull skin, dry patches, congestion…these are all common skin complaints coming into Spring. My advice would be to use a really great sugar scrub followed by a nourishing body oil for the super soft and glowing skin. 

how to make sugar scrub body

How to make Sugar Scrubs

Making sugar scrubs are a quick but very effective natural skincare recipe. They work incredibly well and will have you questioning why you ever forked out for a shop bought skin scrub in the past! 

While you could use salt in this scrub I prefer using sugar in Spring as it’s a natural emollient and better for dry skin. You could use any type of sugar although I personally like a simple caster sugar as it’s got the perfect texture for me, not too scrubby but not too fine either! 

If you would rather have the detoxifying effects of salt then I have a recipe for a Spring Salt Scrub over on my blog. 

So to make that perfect scrub texture we will need an oil alongside the sugar. You could any oil you like here but I really like sesame oil for spring time. It’s perfect for all skin types and is regenerative, warming and an antioxidant too. 


To make a revitalising and nourishing sugar scrub, pour 200g of your choice of sugar into a medium kilner jar and pour over enough sesame oil to create a paste, about 100g. Add in essential oils, I like the cleansing effects of grapefruit essential oil. Approx 25 drops is plenty. To use rub all over your wet body and rinse off with warm water.

How to Make a Natural Body Oil for Spring

Once you’ve given your skin a good scrub and removed all those dead winter skin cells and got the circulation going it’s the perfect time to apply a brightening and nourishing body oil that will continue to invigorate your skin but also add some glow and life back to any sluggish areas. The bonus of using a body oil is that regular massage really helps to shift stubborn cellulite too.

For this body oil I’ve chosen Sunflower oil as it’s good for all skin types and readily absorbed. To amp it up I also like to add some of that lovely and healing evening primrose oil and then finish the body oil with a blend of invigorating essential oils; grapefruit and juniper berry would be my choices here for their detoxifying qualities. 

To make the spring body oil get a 100ml bottle with a screw lid or pump and add 90ml of sunflower oil, then add 10ml of evening primrose oil and 1 ml in total of both essential oils. Apply the body oil either before or after a shower for soft and glowing skin all over!

So that’s it for this post, I hope this episode has inspired you to make some lovely natural skincare for yourself this spring! I’d love to hear your thoughts, so do leave a comment below and also over on my instagram which is also @beckyocole and join in the conversation! x