Notes on my garden-2015

As a young gardener (if I can call myself that!) it’s taken me a while to find the joy in growing my own plants.Despite growing up in the countryside and always eating from our garden, I never had much curiosity around the subject. Being a skinny teenager,...

New Arrivals-Baby Goats at the Farm!

To start off 2015 we got a new arrival of baby goats to the farm. With this arrival comes loads of work, plenty of feeds, longer work hours and also some serious cuteness! This January we have started off on 30 kid goats and are expecting to get more later on in...

Welcome to Terriers & Tweeds: A country-lifestyle blog.

Welcome to my website (previously named Terriers & Tweeds)! I am delighted that you have stumbled across my little patch of the internet and I hope you will stick around! I’m Becky, artist and slow living blogger. I live on Broughgammon Farm with my husband...

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