I’m a self-proclaimed chocolate addict, favourites include Green & Blacks Ginger, Lindt Sea Salt… I could quite happily never eat a crisp or sweet again if it were a toss up between them and a slab of artisan milk chocolate.

However, I also have a growing interest in eating to nourish. I love knowing that what I make has no preservatives, and that the ingredients I compile all contain plenty of nutrients to fuel and heal the body.


So the idea of combining chocolate with healthier ingredients really sparked my interest. I came across the recipe for Raw Chocolate from a few websites including Earthspout and My New Roots so decided to give it a go.

I bought cocoa butter, raw cocoa powder from Whole Foods Direct and dates and toppings from Temple Bar Food Market in Dublin and began experimenting…

The result? Imperfect looking but gorgeous tasting dark chocolate! Something I will make again soon!

 Flavours I Tried:

Lime & Sea Salt: A sprinkle of lime zest and Maldon sea salt.

Goji: A scattering of ruby Goji berries

Fruit & Nut: Almonds and raisins.

Pistachio & Cardamom: Chopped pistachio and ground cardamom.

What you’ll need:

30 g / 1oz raw cacao powder-Full of antioxidants!
100 g / 3.5 oz very soft, pitted dates-Healthy sweetness

85 g / 3 oz cacao butter-Natural product thats give chocolate the smooth taste.

I mashed up the dates and melted the cocoa butter in a bain marie. I then added in the cocoa powder and dates and mixed well. I then poured it out into a piece of greaseproof paper and added the various toppings. For full instructions check out My News Roots Raw Chocolate post here or Elenor’s post.